Film Scanning

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Expert Microfilm and Negatives Scanning Services for Large Volume Collections

We have the expertise and technology to digitize microfilm, negatives, microfiche and aperture card. We have completed various projects in this category, using the best capture technology and scan operators. We can convert even the most difficult negative films, microfiche, and microfilm into high-quality images. Our microfilm scanners are state-of-the-art and can achieve FADGI star ratings.
Our microfilm scanning services have been used for various purposes, such as archival projects, student records scanning, records management capture and more.

Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning


  •  Silver gelatin, diazo, vesicu- lar, electrophotographic, and dry silver microfilm
  • COM
  • AB Dick
  • Ultra Fiche
  • Microx 16mm or 35mm (or combo)
  • Positive or negative Diazo
  • Silver, Vesicular formats
  • Duplicates Bitonal output to: TIFF (G3, G4) and PDF (all single/multi)
  • PDF/A Grayscale output to: uncompressed TIFF/JPEG (true 256 shades of gray)
  • JPEG 2000; PDF (single/multi-page)
  • PDF/A Microfilm Scanning 100’, 215’ and 1,000’ rolls
  • ANSI, M-types and open spools 16mm and 35mm Positive or negative Silver
  • Diazo and Vesicular formats Bi-tonal output to: TIFF (G3, G4) and PDF (all single/multi); PDF/A Grayscale output to: uncompressed TIFF/JPEG (true 256 shades of gray)
  • JPEG 2000
  • PDF (single/multi-page)
  • PDF/A

Negative Film Scanning

  • Highest optical resolution: 100 – 600 dpi
  • 12 bit camera with 8 – 12 bit output format
  • Specially designed high-performance lenses
  • Calibrated led lighting system
  • Stable film transport
  • Highest image quality with best grey scale reproduction and highest depth of field
  • Smallest fonts and images with the highest
  • Reduction factor are displayed crystal clear
  • Highest ocr quality
  • 16/35 m roll film easily changeable
  • Real time image enhancement
  • Easy and ergonomic operation
  • Quantum scan software
  • Quantum process software

System Implementation

Our experienced development team can handle data conversions with ease. We can integrate the final output into any document management solution available in the market or design a custom solution for a specific business need. We can deliver digitized images that suit your internal, external or web distribution needs. We have the expertise to help you incorporate digital images into your workflow.



The Highest Digitization Standards

Cyberbase is among the very few regional providers that offer FADGI standards compliant digitization services. FADGI (Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative) a four-star ranking system that has become the norm for any materials bound for the US National Archives or the Library of Congress.
Our digitization services also adhere to the standards dictated by Metamorfoze, the Netherland’s national program for preserving the paper heritage. The program is the joint initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and is today considered a global best practice program for preserving sensitive physical documents and Images. It primarily relates to the image quality and metadata.

World’s Best Hardware

Only through working with world leading scanning, digitization, and archiving technology and hardware brands can the highest digitization standards be achieved. Cyberbase is keen to source scanning equipment from globally renowned scanner brands like Zeutchel, Iris, and Fujitsu in all of our projects.





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