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The Support You Need for Success in Transformation to Digital


Cyberbase has been a trusted partner for many professionals in the fields of archiving, library, court, records and other sectors that deal with preserving and accessing historical, legal, personal, medical, public and critical records. We have learned a lot from the unique collections that we have encountered over the past decade.
With our practical experience in our diverse scanning operation, our technological innovations in our scanner manufacturing teams and our high standards of meeting the needs of our demanding clients, Cyberbase has the skills and the resources to help those who face new or large-scale digitization projects.

 Digitization Consulting Services


Evaluating Collections:
We can help with checking the state of the original materials, counting images, and preparing/organizing collections for large-scale digitization. We have the experience, staff and equipment to either start the project or complete it from start to finish.
Managing Projects:
We know the importance of security and in-house project needs. Not every digitization collection can be moved. We can assist with providing: Skilled staff from data entry clerks to scan operators to post-processing experts High-quality scanning equipment. As a distributor of well-known digitization equipment and technology brands we can offer the best capture equipment for the project needs at a reasonable cost Image quality. Our imaging specialists take the time to understand the intended use of the project images and can help determine and achieve the appropriate level of dpi, resolution and industry standard ratings.
Cost management:
As a business that specializes in digitizing large volumes of images from various media, we are always looking for ways to lower the per image costs from capture to end-use. Our approach is to optimize production efficiency without compromising quality. Image
Accuracy Consultations:
With the growing interest in and demand for meeting image capture standards such as FADGI, ISO or metamorfoze, it is essential that your digitization or scan system vendor understand how media, environment, scan system, operator and output affect each other. We have technicians on staff who can train operators on how to meet specific standards and/or assess image quality and accuracy issues.

Using advanced scanners from various brands such as Canon, Fujitsu, and Kodak, Cyberbase has the expertise and the capacity to assist with any document conversion project with its reliable document scanning services. Moreover, the Zeutchel scanners have demonstrated the ability to produce images that meet up to four stars of the FADGI standard, which is crucial for records that may become permanent archives.

System Implementation

Our experienced development team can handle data conversions with ease. We can integrate the final output into any document management solution available in the market or design a custom solution for a specific business need. We can deliver digitized images that suit your internal, external or web distribution needs. We have the expertise to help you incorporate digital images into your workflow.



The Highest Digitization Standards

Cyberbase is among the very few regional providers that offer FADGI standards compliant digitization services. FADGI (Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative) a four-star ranking system that has become the norm for any materials bound for the US National Archives or the Library of Congress.
Our digitization services also adhere to the standards dictated by Metamorfoze, the Netherland’s national program for preserving the paper heritage. The program is the joint initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and is today considered a global best practice program for preserving sensitive physical documents and Images. It primarily relates to the image quality and metadata.

World’s Best Hardware

Only through working with world leading scanning, digitization, and archiving technology and hardware brands can the highest digitization standards be achieved. Cyberbase is keen to source scanning equipment from globally renowned scanner brands like Zeutchel, Iris, and Fujitsu in all of our projects.





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